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Benefits of using sun protective clothing

Benefits of using sun protective clothing

Clothing with sun protection blocks harmful UV radiation and is the most effective way to protect children from the harmful effects of the sun.

The main advantages over sunscreen are:

  • Its effectiveness does not decrease over time, or after playing with water or activities that promote sweating.
  • Clothing protection is always indicated by the UPF factor. Unlike sunscreen, it does not depend on the amount applied. It's important to remember that we often don't apply the recommended amount of sunscreen and don't reapply it often enough.
  • It offers protection from the moment we start using it, while the protector must be applied about 30 minutes before exposure to the sun.
  • It's comfortable, fresh, light and dries quickly and the seams are flat so as not to irritate little ones' sensitive skin.
  • Prevents possible skin reactions that a sunscreen can cause, for example, hypersensitivity reactions in children with atopic skin. It is a skin-friendly solution.
  • It is a more sustainable solution in economic and environmental terms. There is no need to buy multiple bottles of sunscreen and the clothes can be reused by younger siblings or family members.
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