Cloby is a Dutch brand that designs premium quality products for babies, made of sustainable and pure materials. Their products are perfect to protect our kids from harmful UV rays on the beach, in the stroller and basically everywhere else in the open air.

From sun blankets and ponchos for babies and toddlers, all their products have UPF50+ UV protection that blocks 98 percent of all UVA and UVB rays, so your child can safely enjoy the outdoors. Also very useful, the magnetic clips, which hold toys to your stroller, baby carrier or Maxicosi and attach a blanket to your stroller against the sun, wind or distractions for your child.

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Why is it so important to protect children from the sun?

Children's skin is much more sensitive and vulnerable to sun exposure than adults. This is partly because they haven’t yet developed all the melanin — the natural skin pigment that provides some sun protection — that they will have when they get older.

Did you know that a severe sunburn in childhood doubles the risk of developing skin cancers in adulthood?

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