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Our Brands


Designed in Australia and hand crafted in Bali, Cosmo Crew is an ethical brand that gives conscious choices to progressive parents. The durable, comfortable and recycled materials together with the unique prints give kids style that reflect their personality while giving back to the envorinment. Every garment includes UPF 50+ protection and great resistance to chlorine, sand, sunscreen and oils. Cosmo Crew garments can also be used in the snow!

Designed in New Zealand, where the ozone layer is very thin, Snapper Rock has the expertise in ways we can protect our kids in the sun, without taking away their fun. They use the latest fabric technology, colors and designs. Their fabrics are lightweight, breathable and quick drying without compromising on style.

Coolibar is an American clothing brand expert in UV protective clothing for anyone who values style and elegance. The brand invests in testing its fabrics multiple times against multiple published UPF standards for UV transmittance and safety, to provide you with ultimate UPF 50+ protection guaranteed for the life of the garment. Coolibar was the first clothing company to receive The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. It is also recommended by the Melanoma International Foundation and the American Academy of Dermatology.

Ki Et La is a French brand that grew to be a popular designer for ingenious, trendy lifestyle accessories for children. Their sunglasses give the fashionable 'made in Paris’ look but most importantly: they are specifically designed to be child-usable, child-friendly, in tune with their lifestyle and their look. The lenses in Ki Et La’s sun shades are either category 3 or 4 and offer optimal UV filtering. They are also specifically anti-blue-light treated to reduce glare.