Splashy All Sport Hat

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The Splashy All Sport Hat provides extra UV protection to the neck and ears of your baby thanks to the extra neck flap attached to the back and sides. It’s perfect for sunny holidays or a day at the beach. The cap is made of the specially developed Lite SUNTECT® fabric, which has a UPF 50+ rating and blocks 98% of all UV radiation. This way, the neck and head of your baby will not suffer from sunburn!

Additionally, the fabric is quick to dry and airy, so your little one’s head stays cool on warm summer days. Are you going on a trip? This lightweight item will easily fit in your diaper bag. All in all, a sports cap that has a good fit and will protect your baby's skin from the sun!

Size: 1-2 Years (51 cm)
Fabric Specifications
  • Polyester/Spandex Blend
Clean and Care
  • Rinse in clean water after use
  • Hand wash in cold water
  • Not suitable for the dryer
Size: 1-2 Years (51 cm)
Certificated UPF50+ Icon

Certified UPF50+ Protection

UPF measures the amount of UV radiation that can penetrate the fabric and reach the skin.

Palm UV Clothing Quick Dry

Lightweight and Quick Dry

Water splashing approved! our hats keep kids sun safe in the water and dry in a blink of an eye!

Design that Maximizes Protection

Our hats were carefully designed for face and neck maximum sun protection: wide brim, long flaps on the back

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Why clothing with UPF50+  protection?

Clothing is the most effective form of protection against sun radiation, because it can block harmful UV radiation. But did you know that not all clothing protects equally?

Always look for clothing rated UPF 50+, which means that only 2% of UV is able to penetrate the fabric. UPF 50+ clothing not only has excellent sun protection rating for clothing but also incorporates functional design that provides better skin coverage and fabrics which are comfortable to wear in hot, sunny conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do UPF shirts keep you cool?

Yes, our selection of certified UPF 50+ sun protection clothes are breathable and lightweight, to keep you cool even in hot, sunny conditions. The fabrics are soft, lightweight and recycled, made from waste found in the ocean, such as plastic bottles and regenerated fishing nets. They were designed to keep our kids comfortable, so the zippers are protected and the seams do not scratch!

After playing in the water, should I take off the clothing to dry?

No, you can (and should!) keep always keep them on! The purpose of clothing with sun protection is to be used when it is dry or wet. Even wet, sun protection clothing blocks 98% of ultraviolet rays. It only takes a few minutes for the clothes to dry and kids can safely continue on their adventures!

Should I use UPF 50+ clothing only when I’m at the beach?

Ultraviolet rays are not just present at the beach or pool. They are also present in our daily lives, in school playgrounds, on walks in the park, on bike rides and in other outdoor activities. Therefore, it is very important that parents never forget about sun protection for children at all times.

Do I need sunscreen under UPF 50+ clothing?

No! Since UPF 50+ clothing blocks 98% of the sun’s rays, you don’t need to apply sunscreen underneath the UV clothing. You should always apply sunscreen in the body parts not covered by the clothing. Don’t forget to wear your favorite sun hat and sunglasses to enjoy the sun safely!

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