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Why is it so important to protect kids from the sun?

Why is it so important to protect kids from the sun?

Children's skin is much more sensitive to sun exposure than that of adults, being more subject to sunburn and other aggressions. In addition, in the first years of life, the skin contains little melanin, which is the pigment that protects the skin from UV rays, further increasing the risks associated with sun exposure.

Did you know that a severe burn in childhood doubles the risk of developing skin cancers in adulthood?

While preventing sunburn is the most immediate benefit of keeping children out of the sun, inculcating habits such as applying sunscreen and wearing clothes and a hat will have lasting benefits that extend beyond a child's first few years.

The sun protection routine will accompany each child through adolescence and adulthood, reducing the risk of all types of skin cancers and premature aging.

So, when we consider the health needs of babies and children, it's important not to forget about a sun protection routine!
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